Verse & Worse

I Belong To You

I belong to you
Like a key always needs a lock
Like an earthquake has an aftershock
I belong to you

Like roll is nothing without some rock
Like heads are chips off a block
Like sheep have to be in a flock
Like a sock draw needs a lots of socks
I belong to you

Like oranges are so funny they need to mock
Or carriages are lost without a clock
Or a dickory dock needs a hickory too
Or books are read and moods are blue
I belong to you

Like knickers need a pair of legs
And dogs always have to beg
Or beer is sold by the keg
And people can’t be taken down
Without a peg
I belong to you


I guess I’m just a patchwork girl
Of odd-sized bits ‘n pieces
Of loose construction
Who fears destruction
Every time she sneezes!

Song Of A Dove

Lay thy mouth over mine
And let thy tongue make free
To talk of love
My mouth is yours
I am your dove

Figgin' Hell

Speak roughly to your little sub
And beat her when she teases
She only does it to annoy
And not because it pleases

Speak severly to her and deploy
Ginger where it pleases
And rub pepper in her pussy too
And ignore it when she sneezes!

I ignored it when she groaned and moaned
And gave her some well placed squeezes
I said to her “You’ll wait there little needy one
If needs be ‘til hell freezes!”

Purple Prose

One day when I’m old
I’ll still remember you
When I’m wearing purple
The memory will come flooding through

Of how you smiled
Of how you laughed
Of how you made me feel
And I will smile once more again
And know that you are real